Thursday, February 20, 2020

Let's Get Started

Publishing the first post is always scary!  No matter what the topic is, there is always the thought that we might say something wrong or perhaps find a way to offend someone. Well, trusting in good judgment and a ton of experience as a writer of training materials for most of my adult life, perhaps we can avoid controversy.

Here is one premiss concerning the posts on this site that may give the reader some insight into who the author is - I am a golfer. I've been a golfer for a very long time. The one thing you can expect is that I will try anything to get better at the game- as long as it works! If it doesn't work,  I get rid of it! Additionally, I enjoy the game, no matter what my scorecard may reflect! Carpe Diem (seize the day!) is what I'm about when it comes to the game of golf.

But how do we seize the day, improve our skills and enjoy the game at hand?

Well, that's what this blog is about. Please join me in future posts on my adventure to improve and enjoy the game. Please feel to comment and add your own two cents. I look forward to our next adventure together.

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