Monday, March 8, 2021

Getting Ready For A New Season!

Well, the weather has been getting a bit nicer here in Colorado; and it's time to start putting things together for the new golf season. The question is, have we given consideration to what equipment we are putting in the bag? Like many of us, some of you may not be planning on gaming new clubs this year. This is understandable considering the cost of new equipment these days.  Well then, if you're not considering new clubs, are your tried and trusted older clubs in good enough shape to face this year's golf season? What needs to be accomplished to ensure your clubs are ready to go? 

The first place to start is where the connection between the human and the golf club begins. In a previous post to this blog, we described in great detail the ordeal of replacing grips so we won't get too much into the details of the physical aspects of grip replacement. But a great starting place in the determination of whether your clubs are ready to go is the grips. Are they getting a bit shinny and slick? If so, you might consider a small investment into new grips - something you can do it yourself if you have enough bandaids lying around... However, if you think you might be able to salvage your existing grips, you might want to try a good bathing of the grips. This might bring some tack back into them. Another thing the old-timers used to do, especially if you are playing cords, is a very light sanding of the grip with some very light sandpaper. Cords love to get roughed up a bit. 

The next recommendation comes from personal experience. If you play forged irons, and you played them for more than one or two seasons - It may be time to get the lofts and lies checked to see if they are still in spec. Yes, lofts and lies are set at the factory or by your fitter but they can be worked out of spec, especially if you are a range rat pounding them into submission on the mats. If you are a fairly consistent striker of the ball and all of a sudden you find that you are toeing or healing your iron shots, it may be time for checking the lofts and lies of your clubs. Lofts and lies can easily be taken care of at any professional golf shop or clubhouse where there is a guy known as a fitter. The cost isn't all that expensive and having your clubs back in your spec will make the game a lot more enjoyable. 

A couple of final comments on getting and keeping your clubs in good shape include examining your groves, cleaning your clubs, and periodic polishing to keep them in great shape. Have you ever join a group or another individual and noticed that you couldn't see the face of their clubs. What was your impression? Do you think the club works as efficiently as it should when it's covered in muck? Probably not. To extend the life of a golf club you must maintain it. Have you ever played with guys that have a couple of clubs in their bags that they have been gaming for over 20 years? Imagine, 20-year-old clubs well maintain and cared for, what a return on investment. With the cost of equipment these days, why would not want to care for the equipment that you own? 

Hopefully, we've presented a couple of useful ideas for getting your golf bag in shape for the new season. May the 2021 golf year be your best golfing year ever... Until next time - Hit um well!

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